Welcome to Southeast Vermont Transit!

Southeast Vermont Transit (SEVT) is the designated public transit and Medicaid provider for Windham and southern Windsor Counties. We provide fixed route bus services, demand response van service for the elderly or disabled, and we broker volunteer rides for medical appointments.

Two divisions of SEVT provide service. The MOOver is based in Wilmington and services the Deerfield Valley. The Current is based in Rockingham and serves 30 towns along the Connecticut River and in southern Vermont.

On June 30, 2015, Connecticut River Transit transferred its assets and liabilities to Deerfield Valley Transit Association. On July 1, CRT dissolved and DVTA changed its name to Southeast Vermont Transit. This completes a year and a half of planning to build southern Vermont’s largest public transit company. The process is neither a merger nor a consolidation, but rather one nonprofit corporation dissolving and giving its assets and liabilities to another nonprofit which then changes its name to reflect both former companies. It provides opportunities for future growth, cost savings, and features three corporate promotions.

SEVT operates two divisions, The MOOver and The Current. Both have the same fleet, staff, territory, and responsibilities as previously. The terms DVTA and CRT will no longer be used. Many functions, including finance, procurement, grant writing, legal, planning, and capital, have been combined. Other functions are also being or will be shared. SEVT companies gross nearly $7 million in operating income, have $15 million in assets, operate 55 buses, and provide nearly a half million rides annually.

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